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Renewal of facilities

At DCM Sistemes we are celebrating. We have decided to offer a better service by creating a more open and friendly work space, efficient and with greater capacity. The new facilities have been designed and built from scratch taking into consideration efficiency and environment .

The traditional concept of office has given way to open and luminous areas which make the most of the available space and create a more welcoming and collaborative space. The new facilities have more than 3500m2 of usable space. Space, technology and personnel have been combined to provide optimal management and maintenance of the workplace.


Thanks to these new facilities DCM Sistemes has been able to:

•    Include new machinery to the production processes.

•    Increase storage and production spaces to improve stocks.

•    Have multipurpose areas, new laboratories and leisure areas.

In addition, DCM Sistemes wants to be at the forefront of respect for the environment.

•   We reduce our carbon footprint by using renewable energy sources. Solar panels have been installed which generate almost 100% of the energy required.

•   Water reuse mechanisms have been implemented.

•   We have improved energy efficiency. Energy consumption has been optimised in all facilities through the use of materials or active techniques to reduce energy consumption.

•   Charging points for electric cars have been installed.
Where to find us?
The new premises are right next to the old premises, keeping the same address, as well as the telephone numbers and emails, which will remain the same.
We have also renewed our image
Taking advantage of this great change, we wanted to update our corporate image, starting with our logo and continuing with all the graphic elements and our website, which we will be renewing in the coming days.
We have opted for a more modern, more minimalist idea, with a more corporate touch that projects growth, but remains faithful to the original spirit.




Pol. Ind. 'El Oliveral' - c/ X esquina c/ G - 46190 - Ribarroja del Turia - Valencia (Spain)
info@dcmsistemes.com  |   T.: (+34) 96 166 65 27



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