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Your Photometric Stereo application even easier

iBlueDrive now includes a wizard to easily set up the lights for Photometric Stereo, Multispectral or Multi-type

The new version 1.4.2 of our popular iBlueDrive Control Manager integrates a new wizard that will guide you step by step and very easily to configure all the lights in Bulk Trigger implementations, whether they are photometric stereo, multispectral or multi-type (+info)

Among the most important new features, the new version has:

Bulk trigger wizard:
It simplifies the configuration of the devices when generating complex lighting sequences in photometric stereo applications,
multispectral or multi-type (Watch video)

Faster initial loading:
Now the equipment is ready to be configured in less time thanks to a faster initial reading of the device.

Advanced configuration:
Advanced configuration of the communication ports. You can set the communication port you want to use.

Also includes new firmware for lights, improvements, optimizations and error resolution.

 Watch video           Download last version here  

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